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College of Agriculture - Osmanabad

History and development

More than 60 per cent of the world's populations belong to rural areas. The population of Maharashtra State is nearer about 8.0 crores, whereas Marathwada region population is 1.35 crore. Osmanabad is one of the major district having population nearly 0.16 crore, out of which 61 percent population resides in rural area. The percentage of literacy in Osmanabad district is 55.27 per cent, whereas rural literacy rate is 51.23% and urban literacy rate is 71.06%. As the literacy is less than surrounding districts, it is declared as a backward district by State Government. Many international organizations are attempting to help the rural families in increasing their agricultural output, but region lacks agricultural educators and extension personnel who can plan and implement these programs at all levels. The economy of district is mostly dependent on development of agriculture.

The process of developing, transferring, and using agricultural technology requires trained people at all levels, which can be mitigated only through the agriculture education.

The students of this district are not getting the opportunities regarding agricultural education to improve economical status. The challenges facing by the farmers in future requires much more technical persons in solving their problems. These challenges require quick, careful thinkers and communicators who can respond to changing market structure and consumer demand in a dynamic way.

With respect of above fact Government of Maharashtra has announced the planned agriculture program. Accordingly three new agriculture colleges have been established in Marathwada region vide G.R. No.MKV2000/CR/36/20 A dated 16/08/2000 and College of Agriculture is established at Osmanabad.

Osmanabad District is one of the eight districts of Marathwada region of Maharashtra State. Osmanabad district lies in the southern part of State and includes seven talukas viz. Tuljapur. Bhum, Paranda Umarga, Kalam, Washi and Osmanabad. The elevation of district is 600 mm above sea level. The district is located on east side of Marathwada region within North latitude 170.35” to 180.40” N and east latitude 750.16” to 760.40” E . The area of district is 7512.4 sq. km out of which 241.4 sq km is urban area (3.21 % of total area) and 7271.0 sq km is rural area (96.79 % of total area). Both Kharif and Rabi crops are taken in the district. Main crops are Jowar, sunflower, gram, sugarcane, tur etc. The district has four sugar factories. Farmers know about grape cultivation and grape export. The University headquarters are located at Parbhani. 210 km to the north of Osmanabad.

Agriculture continues to occupy the prominent and vital position in the national economy and hence, the main objective of this college is to evolve an innovative education strategy aimed at developing self sufficient human community in the region.

  • To generate the skilled human resource for agriculture development.
  • To conduct fundamental scientific research and to develop applications of agriculture.
  • To encourage and develop self-confidence and technical skill in today’s student to start and initiate self employment in agriculture.
  • To develop advance agriculture technology for increasing the livelihood of poorest farmers in region.
  • To provide technical advice and guidance to the rural community in the region.
Physical Facilities (Infrastructure)

The College of Agriculture, Osmanabad established in 2000 is one of the constituent colleges of the Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani.

  • Main College building : College building is having 25 rooms located at Ter Road, Kini which is 15 km.away from Osmanabad City.
    Government of Maharashtra has sanctioned 200 lakh Rs. during financial year 2006-2007 for college main building. The phase-I construction is completed. Government has announced 5 crores Rs. for phase II for College building, Boys and Girls Hostel and Strengthening of College Farm during September 2007.
  • Laboratory furniture and equipments : Necessary furniture and equipments for practical classes are available in all departments.
  • Library : Library situated in one hall of the college building having 5400 text books, magazines, daily news papers, journals & xerox facilities are available.
  • College farm : The land of 65 ha is allotted by Government of Maharashtra and is in possession of college since March 2005. Multi purpose block having three rooms, Vehicle shed, Barbed wire fencing 3000 m, compound wall 300m, five tube wells and seven Farm ponds has been completed. The total area of college farm is 65 ha, out of it 20 ha land is allotted for agriculture cultivation and 20 ha for horticulture plantation and 15ha for college building and others. The proposed horticulture plantation on 20 ha land is in progress. The water supply scheme amounting Rs. 100 lakh from Terna dam (Medium project) Thorsadwadi to college farm is completed; this irrigation facility is useful for Horticulture plantation and other crops. The drip irrigation systems were existed for Horticulture plantation.
  • Student forum for study of competitive examination : This college has established student forum for study of competitive examination, the Gymkhana and NSS of the college is actively engaged in student development programmes and other activities like sports, cultural programs etc.

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